Upgraded last year’s bookself/office chair to a more sleek-ish bench. Really liked the curved look, so I experimented with my new baby jigsaw, cutting a curved edge after stacking it together. Love how much quicker trimming gets with the jigsaw, but hate the mess. On the plus side, curving the edges takes away the possibility of edge-dent-jankiness. Finished with decoupage magazines, contact paper, flat black enamel paint, and then clear finish.

finished stacking all the cardboard with the corrugated fluting vertical. this will provide incredible strength as well as prevent things like butt dents from a person’s weight. This was the first time I used a framing device for the stacking. (a side table flipped onto its side)
so much stacking
finishing off the front and back with thinner cardboard that has a glossy smooth surface. eliminates that wavy cardboard look