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What kind of Garth Newel fan are you?

So, I don’t know if you know about this yet, but Garth Newel is not only on Facebook, but on Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Google + (which…does anyone use Google +?  Our profile is up in case people do, but I have yet to see evidence that it’s alive…)
The point is, there are so many different ways to keep in touch!  So many different ways to see those pictures and videos and bring those bucolic scenes back back with you as you slouch at your desk trying to concentrate on some series of numbers that are becoming blurry equal signs because you’re falling asleep and you don’t realize it until a little pool of drool has become cool on your shirt sleeve, and then – would you look at that, there’s a bunch of tasty pictures up from Archduke weekend at Garth Newel! Oh wow, that’s a pretty good picture of me in the front row- maybe I should put that up as my new profile picture. Hey, the Garth Newel Piano Quartet’s latest video is up on Youtube!  Maybe I can listen to this while I do these TPS reports and get them done without breaking anything.
(Ok, clearly not everyone works at fictional tech corporation directed by Mike Judge.  I may have gotten a little side tracked here).
Let’s say you’re on Facebook.  There’s the Garth Newel Music Center facebook page, and there’s ALSO the Garth Newel Piano Quartet facebook page.  For those of you who want to see or download pictures of concerts, the quartet, guest artists, beloved staff, or patrons (or yourself, because, there’s this annoying pianist now and she takes pictures of EVERYTHING), and you’ve realized you can’t really download pictures from the website, facebook is the place to find them. You can also find clips from concerts, information about events, programs, menus, and snippets of our lives.   Like both of the pages to follow what’s going on, because, there might be something of interest to you!  This is particularly useful to us because we like to continue talking to you all when you go back home.  We’re like pouty little children who brighten up with every like and comment you guys leave.


Ok, so then, let’s say you’re not really the facebook type. You shake your head at every blue screen you pass by, but you do wish you could see performances that you’ve had to miss, or just want to relive a concert you were moved by. Well, we have a youtube channel!  Subscribe to our channel, especially if you live far away.
And if your eyes are still glued to your TPS reports, you can follow us through soundcloud.
You will unfortunately not be able to taste Josh’s cooking though.  That technology is still beyond us.
Fine, but what about for those of us that have very short attention spans and very busy go-go-go lives?  Garth Newel understands.  We provide Twitter and Instagram sized nuggets for your bite-sized preference.
Screenshot 2016-07-04 18.26.41
Oh, right, and there’s our Google + page.  Seriously…did I miss the memo on Google +?   If you’re an avid user on Google +, then please enlighten me, because I’m not sure who’s actually using it.  I guess facebook saturated that market.
Anyway!  Irrelevant musings aside, the whole point of this blog post is to say – We love you and want to keep talking to you.  If we don’t get to see you very often, then please keep in touch with us on our (now numerous) social media platforms!
(This is not a desperate ploy of mine to get friends.  Seriously.  I mean, it’s not like I practice with the phone next to my music or anything…)